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Furniture is one of the biggest investments in your home. However, unseen dirt, allergens, dust mites, and other debris can become trapped deep down in your furniture's upholstery. Physical dirt and stains can build up over time on the surface of your upholstery even when extreme care is taken to prevent stains. Carpet Technology Inc. Floorcare & Restoration's professional upholstery cleaning services can remove all types of dirt and many stains from your upholstered furniture revitalizing your furniture and extending the life of your investment.

Quality Carpet Care, a leading carpet cleaning, restoration, and tile flooring cleaning company, has been serving commercial and residential clients since 2003 within Northwest Indiana. We can provide a solution to clean your upholstery as well as a variety of flooring surfaces throughout your home or business.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Services

When providing upholstery cleaning services, our skilled and highly trained technicians will take steps to ensure that your upholstery is properly cleaned. This includes first carefully inspecting your furniture to determine specific upholstery cleaning needs. We will then spot clean any areas that are heavily soiled or stained. We then use our advanced technology and equipment to ensure that your upholstery is thoroughly cleaned. After the deep upholstery cleaning process, we can protect your upholstered furniture by applying a special stain protection coating.

Our upholstery cleaning services are available for all types of furniture and upholstery including:

  • Fine Fabric Upholstery
  • Leather or Sued Upholstery
  • Microfiber Upholstery
  • Silk, Cotton, Wool, and Polyester Blend Upholstery
  • Antique Upholstery
  • Sofa, Chair, Recliner, & Lazy Boy Upholstery
  • Mattresses
  • Vehicle Upholstery including RV Interiors

More Than Just Upholstery Cleaning: Our Stain Protection Coating

In addition to offering upholstery cleaning to remove dirt and stains from your upholstery, we can also apply a fabric protector to most types of fabric upholstery as well. This coating can help make upholstery cleaning easier and reduce your need for professional upholstery cleaning. The stain protection coating that we offer will help to preserve the natural color of your upholstery by preventing staining or fading. It will stop stains and spills from penetrating the upholstery fibers so that they can easily be wiped clean.

Benefits of Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Our professional upholstery cleaning services provide a number of benefits to our customers. These include:

  • Providing a thorough clean and removing dust, stains, dirt, and allergens
  • Prolonging the life of your upholstered furniture by keeping it looking cleaner and smelling fresher
  • Removing dirt particles that can embed in fabric upholstery fibers and cause wear over time
  • Leaving your upholstery looking and smelling fresh and odor free
  • Lifting and revitalizing the nap or texture of your upholstery, which can become crushed and worn over time

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